At The Cleaning Service Alliance (TCS Alliance), we have created a user-friendly platform that connects small cleaning contractors with potential customers, suppliers, and the wider public. Here’s how our process works

  • Contractors Registration: Small cleaning contractors can easily register on our website by providing their business details, contact information, and any relevant certifications. We ensure a seamless registration process to get you started quickly.
  • Contractor Profile: Once registered, contractors can create a detailed profile showcasing their services, expertise, and customer reviews. This profile serves as a virtual storefront, helping you make a strong impression and attract potential clients.
  • Connecting with Customers: Our platform facilitates the connection between contractors and customers seeking cleaning services. Clients can browse through contractor profiles, compare services, and directly contact contractors to discuss their specific cleaning needs.
  • Promotion Support:We assist contractors with their promotional campaigns to enhance their visibility and attract more customers. Through our marketing efforts and partnerships, we strive to bring increased exposure to your business and expand your client base.

Working Process For Clients

  • Submit Cleaning Requests: Clients can easily submit their cleaning requirements through our website. Whether it’s for residential or small commercial spaces, clients provide details about the cleaning services they need, such as frequency, size of the area, and any specific instructions.
  • Contractor Matching: Based on the client’s location and specific cleaning needs, our platform matches them with suitable contractors from our network. We consider factors such as expertise, availability, and customer ratings to ensure the best match for every client.
  • Review and Selection: Clients can review contractor profiles, including customer ratings and reviews, to make an informed decision. They can also directly communicate with contractors to discuss pricing, scheduling, and any additional requirements before finalizing their selection.
  • Service Delivery: Once the client selects a contractor, the cleaning services are scheduled and delivered as per the agreed-upon terms. Clients can provide feedback and ratings based on their experience, contributing to the overall reputation and rating of the contractor.
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Working Process For Contractors:

how tcs alliance works

Join The Cleaning Service Alliance today and be part of our growing community. Together, we can transform the cleaning industry in Canada, connecting contractors with clients and suppliers, and facilitating a seamless and efficient cleaning experience for all parties involved.

  • Profile Setup: Contractors create their comprehensive profile, including services offered, service area coverage, pricing, and business details. This information helps clients understand your capabilities and make informed decisions.
  • Customer Connection: Contractors receive cleaning requests from potential clients that match their service offerings and service area coverage. You have the opportunity to review and accept these requests based on your availability and capacity.
  • Direct Communication: Contractors can directly communicate with clients to discuss specific cleaning requirements, pricing, and scheduling. Building a rapport with clients helps establish trust and ensures a smooth collaboration.
  • Service Delivery: Once a cleaning request is accepted, contractors deliver the services as agreed upon. Providing exceptional service and meeting client expectations not only ensures customer satisfaction but also contributes to your star rating and reputation.