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Hire commercial cleaners! Yes, you must have heard this at least once in your lifetime. As a business owner; you must have your share of worries. And to top all your worries there is another issue that you face almost every day—cleanliness.

Maintaining a clean and organized commercial space leaves a positive impression. It is connected to providing a healthy working environment for both customers and employees. Yes, choosing the right commercial cleaning service can be challenging and comes with pitfalls as well. But, we are here to save you!

Hiring commercial cleaners saves a lot of time and comes with many benefits as well. Also, providing a safe, clean workspace to your employees means that the health of your employees matters to you. Moreover, a clean space definitely increases productivity. A commercial office cleaning company can easily handle these tasks, as they are professionals and they know how to leave your place sparkling. Now that you have decided to hire commercial cleaners and you are spending your precious time finding a cleaning contractor, someone who is professional, keep on reading. Read on to discover the common mistakes to avoid when you hire commercial cleaners.

Proper Research:

Now, this is the most important step. People often run from research and reading. But, to be on the safe side, whether you want to hire commercial cleaners or just buy a commercial space; research should be your first step. Failing to research will always keep you at a loss.

Do not just simply opt for the first company that pops in your search bar. Take time, review the company online or maybe ask your friends and colleagues about a good commercial cleaning company. Ask for references, a well-established cleaning company must have a track record of satisfied clients.

Specification of the Cleaning Needs:

Hire commercial cleaners and that’s it. Not that’s not it, if you are hiring a commercial cleaner you must communicate clearly. Failing to specify your cleaning needs and expectations can lead to misunderstandings and unsatisfactory results.

Make sure that you are clearly communicating, and you have made a list of tasks you require. Discuss it with the cleaning company, communicate your outcome so that they can meet your requirements.

Overlooking Credentials and Insurance

It is a serious blunder to employ a commercial cleaning service without examining the qualifications and insurance cover. The company should be licensed and insured as this will save you from liability and show the professional nature of their work.

The Scope of the Cleaning Contract

Failure to define the scope of the cleaning contract is another mistake. The contract should specify what services will be performed, how often they are done, and specific demands. Ensure both parties understand the terms and conditions so they do not quarrel during their collaboration.

Failure to ask about training issues

You should ask concerning the training of such cleaners and if they do undergo relevant screening. It would help if you made sure that the cleaners are competent, honest, and reliable individuals. The best cleaning company must have properly trained staff members who will regard your belongings.

Focusing Solely on Price

It could be very risky to select, simply because of low-cost cleaning services. Despite this, cost should not be the only determinant. Consider the quality of service, what the company is known for, and how well they can cater to your unique desires as you make your choice.

Disregarding Green Cleaning Options

Overlooking green cleaning options in the name of environmental sustainability could also be considered as a missed opportunity. Green cleaning is beneficial because it protects the environment while at the same time ensuring a safe and healthier workplace for your workers as well as visitors. Ask questions regarding environmentally friendly cleaning options.

Lack of a Well-defined Communication Channel

It is important that you communicate openly and effectively with your cleaning service company. Failure to establish a defined chain of communication may result in misconceptions, not good outcomes. You should have an easy communication route with your contact person for any questions and safety issues. Hire commercial cleaners, but give them clear instructions.

Skipping Regular Inspections

Inspections of the cleaning work on a regular basis must be conducted so that the set standards can be maintained. Do not assume that everything is normal without regular testing. This ensures the quality of services offered as problems are resolved on time during inspections.

Failure to consider Long-term contracts

Although flexibility is necessary, failure to factor in the long-term contract and the service agreement might be a big mistake. However, long-term contracts could offer better prices and stable levels of the services. Evaluate your needs and resources to identify whether you require a long-term deal for the good of your company.


To hire commercial cleaners is not the end game. The game clearly communicates your expectations. With this in mind, there are some other common mistakes that one needs to consider to make the right decision resulting in a spotless, hygienic, and professional setting for both employees and visitors. Cleanliness is a priority if you care about research, clear communication, and quality service in your commercial space. By combating common mistakes in hiring cleaning contractors, you can surely get a clean sparkling commercial space.

James Dobson

James Dobson

Meet James Dobson, a facility management expert with over 13 years of experience. With skills in plant operations, HVAC, infrastructure, building automation, mechanical engineering, facilities operations, and process improvement, James has helped numerous organizations optimize their facilities and enhance their performance. He shares his knowledge through articles and blogs, inspiring and educating others in the cleaning industry.

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